FCT Electronics SMT & Through-Hole D-Sub Connectors

FCT Electronics SMT and Through-Hole D-Sub Connectors deliver a 5.0A current rating and are designed for use with fully automatic SMT and Reflow solder process procedures. The compact size of these SMT and through-hole D-Subs frees up PCB space and delivers design flexibility. The contact plating offers durability of 500 mating cycles and 260°C temperature resistance. These FCT connectors are designed for use in medical equipment and industrial automation applications.


Compact sizePerformance class 1 plating on contactsPick-and-place feature and tape-and-reel packagingVarying profile heights and threads (M3 and 4-40 UNC)Diecast blocks keep the weight of the connector over the PCB to provide balance and stability260°C temperature resistanceSMT Connector with 60N minimum sheer force


1200V maximum voltage5.0A maximum current5000MΩ minimum insulation resistance500 cycles maximum durability-55°C to +150°C operating temperature range


Medical equipmentMRIPatient monitoringTest equipmentMeasurement control devicesIndustrial automationSecuritySurveillance